Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Tale of the Luggage

Luggage should mean adventure.

Luggage should mean travel.

Luggage should be a positive.

But when I was 17 years old and received luggage as a graduation gift from my parents, my 17-year old self was extremely disappointed. I have no recollection now of what exactly I was hoping for as a graduation present, I just remember the disappointment at receiving luggage.

I have since learned that luggage is a pretty traditional high school graduation gift. And now after having raised teen-agers and giving serious, honest reflection on my teen-age years (I really was awful and self-centered), I recognize the wisdom in my parent's gift. And that luggage has travelled with me for many years now.

It has carried clothes back and forth to college.

It was packed with care for my honeymoon.

It has carried treasures back from trips to Cancun, Hawaii, South Carolina and many other places.

It carried a week's worth of snacks and juice boxes for my children when they were young and we travelled to DisneyWorld. We were trying to save money by not paying for treats in the park.

And now that luggage will carry my daughter's clothes as she heads out on her mission.

While I may not have recognized the value of this gift when it was received, years have shown me how valuable that old luggage set is. Many memories are carried in that luggage. Oh sure, I still joke about it being a crappy gift, but the joke is on me because it was truly one of the best gifts I have received. When that old luggage (how could 25 years have already passed by?!) is hauled out, I know that I will not only be dragging around luggage, but carrying old memories and creating new ones.

Travel safe my mauve luggage and come back in one piece from Tempe. I'm sure there are still many more adventures and travels we are meant to take together.


Andrea said...

ah! I cant believe its already time for Katie to come here!!! Its the perfect time too, the weather is absolutely gorgeous!

Katelyn said...

Wait... I'm taking your luggage? When did we decide this?